Defend your cybersecurity

with an army of ethical hackers

Use our Pentesting-as-a-Service to find vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity and fix them. Our platform gives you a total overview of what we do and how we do it. It’s the most effective and transparent way to ensure the security of your systems and data.

A fresh approach to cyber security

Our pentesting platform is creative, dedicated, and transparent - just like us.


Improve your

cyber security
Security assessment

Test the technical security of your systems.

Vulnerability scan

Periodically map the vulnerabilities in your systems.

Security monitor

Monitor the security of your systems and data.

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At Hacksclusive, our fast-growing team is making the digital world more secure. We work hard to find vulnerabilities before cybercriminals get a chance. 

We work hard, and play hard; from discussing new attack vectors during our monthly ‘food for thought’ sessions to Xmas parties at the office. 

Customers protected
Vulnerabilities discovered
Lines of code made safe

Start your (continuous) security

assessment in four steps
Request a quote

Request a quote online for your security assessment or pentest.

Invite team members

Get familiar with the platform. Add colleagues to collaborate.

View results

Monitor findings in real time as the assessment progresses

Generate a report

Generate a pdf-report or ticket in one click and forward ’tickets’ to your IT supplier.

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