We help online businesses
by making the world more secure

In our world, everything is registered online and connected. Cash flows, company data, and parts of your and my personal data. This puts us in a vulnerable position unless we protect that data. Our talent is to increase cyber security resilience by securing your digital assets.

Why us

You're wondering what makes us so different than the rest?


Technology is complex and requires curiosity and determination. Our hackers are inventive, automate where possible, test hands-on when needed. We reveal the unknown.

The best

Our hackers make exclusive quality accessible to everybody. We want to be the best in what we do. So we do what we do best: hacking. We make the world more secure.


We offer you insight and a better understanding of the security of your digital assets with prioritised and hands-on recommendations. So you can do what you do best: run your business.


At Hacksclusive, hackers have a face. Of course, we do a lot of our work remotely. Nevertheless, our hackers like to come to your site. To get to know you and share knowledge.

A fresher approach to cyber security

We are different: creative, exclusive and transparent.

We have 6 core values at the centre of our company

Our culture is what defines us and separates us from others. We believe in teamwork, yet every individual in the team is aware that only she or he controls how they perform themselves. We try to do what we do best a little better every day. Our core values reflect our culture and clearly state what we expect of each other.  

  • Take re-sponsibility

  • Give direct feedback

  • Don't use excuses

  • Lead by example

  • Be committed (without pre-conditions)

  • Quality is non-negiotiable

A little bit more about us

Martijn Baalman and Erik Rutkens founded Hacksclusive. Both have earned their spurs in the cyber security scene.

Martijn, a.k.a x1m, is a well-known bug bounty hacker. He found startling vulnerabilities in Microsoft and Google products. Martijn is one of the world's leading mobile app security researchers (iOS and Android). He has numerous publicly disclosed vulnerabilities to his name. Within Hacksclusive, Martijn is responsible for the development of the platform. Of course, he also keeps hacking and is available for talks. 

Erik is a cyber security veteran. He started his first cyber security company, Insite Security, in 2009. In 2016 Insite Security acquired ITsec and continued as Qbit Cyber Security. In 2018 Qbit was sold to Eurofins. He is also one of the founders and shareholders of Zerocopter. Erik is a part-time research practitioner at Noorderpoort (a regional education centre). He focuses on the security of smart devices (IoT) and their impact on various professions. Erik is responsible for the business development.