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  • White Hats
  • Groningen
  • Full-time
  • €3.000 - €5.000
Hacksclusive has an efficient and repeatable process for executing security assessments. Our platform supports the process. The platform makes tedious tasks like planning and reporting easy, so as an ethical hacker you can do what you do best: hack. At Hacksclusive, we only want the best ethical hackers. Our hackers are ‘hand-picked’ from Universities of Applied Sciences or the bug bounty scene. We have various job openings, especially for hackers with a proven track record.  
About our vacancies

Are you the hacker we are looking for?

Do you want to join Hacksclusive? Are you an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certified hacker? Is your name ranked in the hall of fame of companies like Google or Tesla? Do you have one or more CVEs on your name? Hacksclusive is the place for you! 

Continuous development

Hacksclusive offers a fun and exciting working environment. You will be challenged to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date and improve daily. During our monthly food-for-thoughts sessions, you can learn from other colleagues or show your colleagues your skills. Meanwhile, enjoying a nice drink and some lovely food.

Hacker fun

Hacksclusive encourages you to attend conferences like Def Con, Black Hat, NCSC One, CCC, Brucon, HardwareIO, etc. Naturally, you join when the Hacksclusive team participates in a CtF or an evening pursuing Hack-the-Box fame or gaming.


What we are looking for in our Ethical Hacker to be

  • Analytical

  • A teamplayer

  • Creative

  • Persistant

  • Integer

  • Ambitious

What does Hacksclusive stand for?

In our world, everything is registered online and is connected to each other.

Cash flows, company data, and parts of your and my personal data. This puts us in a vulnerable position unless we protect that data. Our talent is to increase cyber security resilience. This is how we contribute to a more secure world and ensure freedom for everybody. 

Our platform, combined with the best hackers, provides a solid basis to quickly identify new security threats and vulnerabilities, detect incidents before they escalate and take action to protect assets or respond to limit damages and recover to business as soon as possible.

At Hacksclusive we

  • Take responsibility
  • Give direct feedback
  • Don’t use excuses
  • Lead by example
  • Know focus comes with expenses 
  • Are committed (without pre-conditions)
  • Don't negotiate about quality 

What do we offer you?

Hacksclusive has an extensive onboarding and training program. If you are not OSCP certified or similar, we will ensure you become certified. The program is not a one size fits all approach. It is tailor-made for every hacker (to be).
Challenging assignments

Customer assignments are complex and diverse. Additionally, we have internal research programs and innovative internal projects.

Competitive conditions

Our salaries and other conditions are competitive. Besides, we have a stock option pool for employees.

Best hackers

The team at Hacksclusive comprises the most exceptional and talented hackers in the industry. Not only are they a delight to collaborate with, but they are also invaluable sources of knowledge and expertise.

Continuous improvement

Hacksclusive challenges and supports you to perform a little better every day.

Transparant organisation

Hacksclusive is a flat, open organisation with minimal hierarchy, which provides better collaboration and communication.

Good coffee

At Hacksclusive, we understand that you need to be fueled with good coffee. Of course, we offer other beverages and food too!

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