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Hacksclusive offers Security-as-a-Service through an online platform. Our platform provides a clear overview of crucial security services and advises you on the necessary actions to prevent disasters. Our platform operates on a credit system, where credits can be used to execute the appropriate security service. Adding credits and ordering services is easy. Create a free account today, and receive a free credit worth €625!


We manage your vulnerabilities

Regularly scanning a company's assets for vulnerabilities is crucial to prevent security breaches that malicious parties may exploit. These breaches can result in data theft, privacy violations, financial damage, and reputational damage. Our vulnerability scan checks your assets for vulnerabilities at least once a week, and in case of high risks, your team and IT suppliers will be promptly notified. Plus, Hacksclusive provides a monthly status report.


Starting at 1 credit (€625 excluding VAT) per year.


Discover your unknown vulnerabilities

A vulnerability scan automatically detects known vulnerabilities, while a pentest tests your whole security through a controlled attack. The goal of a pentest is to identify all weak points in your system's security and make recommendations for improvement, including those that are not yet known within the company.

By only performing vulnerability scans, you risk missing unknown vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Our services include design, configuration, code review, assessments, and hands-on pentests. You can also utilize our red team for added security measures.

Starting at 5 credits (€3.000 excluding VAT). 

  • Infrastructure (cloud and on premise)

  • Web and mobile application

  • Device


Immediate action against threats and attacks

The danger monitor provides continuous monitoring of endpoints to detect threats and attacks immediately. While the vulnerability scan and pentest focus on identifying known and unknown vulnerabilities, the danger monitor targets threats and attacks in real-time. In case of an emergency, you will receive a warning with an action plan which includes steps to take immediately to reduce the risk. Hacksclusive also provides monthly status reports on threats and attacks.

Starting at 3 credits (€1.800 excluding VAT) per year.

Other services

Next level

of your security
Awareness presentation

You will be hacked! Learn to think and act like a hacker.

Workshops and training

Hands-on workshops and training like ethical hacking and secure development.

Incident response

Recover your business in case of an emergency like a ransomware attack.