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Hacksclusive offers Security-as-a-Service through an online platform. Once you start using the platform it is easy to request a quote for a security assessment, add budget (credits) and/or order a new service. The use of the platform is free. Sign-up today and get a free credit!


We manage your vulnerabilities

Hacksclusive automatically scans your assets for vulnerabilities. Different scanners run at least weekly. Your team and IT suppliers are informed immediately in case of high risks. Hacksclusive provides a monthly status report.  

Starting at 1 credit (€600 excluding VAT) per year. 


Level up your security with a pentest

Test the effectiveness of the security of your digital assets. Hacksclusive can perform a design, configuration or code review, an assessment or a hands-on pentest. Our red team can also be utilised.

Starting at 5 credits (€3.000 excluding VAT). 

  • Infrastructure (cloud and on premise)

  • Web and mobile application

  • Device


Beware of threats and attacks

Hacksclusive continuously monitors specific end-points for threats and (potential) attacks. In case of an emergency, you will receive an alert with an action plan or steps to mitigate the risk. Monthly Hacksclusive provides a status report.

Starting at 3 credits (€1.800 excluding VAT) per year.

Other services

To improve

your cyber security
Awareness presentation

You will be hacked! Learn to think and act like a hacker.

Workshops and training

Hands-on workshops and training like ethical hacking and secure development.

Incident response

Recover your business in case of an emergency like a ransomware attack.