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Use Security-as-a-Service on our platform to find vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity and resolve them. Contrary to a security consultancy firm, our platform offers a simple, effective, and transparent way to ensure the security of your systems and data. Our platform operates on a credit system, which makes it easy to obtain the right service. You can sign up for free and receive one credit worth €600 at no cost.

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Our platform is easy, effective, and transparent - just like us.

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Our most used

Vulnerability scan

Scan assets for vulnerabilities automatically.

Security assessment

Pentests your whole security through a controlled attack.

Danger monitor

Continuous monitoring of endpoints to detect threats and attacks immediately.

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At our organization, we are constantly seeking individuals who possess the skills and expertise necessary to thrive in the field of ethical hacking. We believe that only the best of the best can join our team, and we are always looking for talented professionals who can contribute to our mission.

To achieve this, we provide a supportive and inclusive work environment that nurtures the growth and development of all our employees. We offer a range of benefits and opportunities for professional advancement that are designed to help our team members reach their full potential.

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