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“As a SaaS solution for risk management, you need to set a good example”

  • Case Study
Imagine: you have an online platform that gives your customers an easy overview of all their privacy and information security risks. But that platform itself can also benefit from close examination through the lens of cyber security. Potential vulnerabilities in the system cannot, of course, be a possibility. Arjan Kremer, co-owner of Perium, realizes this all too well. They hired Hacksclusive to test the security of their platform. We simulated real cyber attacks using pentests. In this way, potential vulnerabilities of the online platform were identified as were possible solutions – before they could become a problem.

Perium is a leading online platform for information security and privacy risk management. It’s a company that knows very well that confidential information must remain well protected. The solution that Perium offers to customers is so versatile that, in addition to information security and privacy, it can also be applied to strategic and operational risk management. As a SaaS product, Perium can greatly reduce costs for the end user (such as consultancy hours).

Perium target customers are companies that are intrinsically exposed to risks surrounding privacy and information security. To ensure the security of their own platform, Perium enlisted the services of Hacksclusive.

Strong need for framed pentests

Perium approached Hacksclusive with a view to targeted and limited pentests. The basis of the platform already existed, and during development several questions arose about the security of a number of elements. "Because my partner, and co-founder of Perium, Jasper de Vries already has the necessary experience with pentesting, we were able to indicate where our needs lay. Hacksclusive was therefore able to test very purposefully," says Arjan.

It's easy to imagine that pentests are urgently needed in an organization that identifies security risks. Especially when it comes to a product in a cloud environment. Qualitative pentests in which thorough testing is carried out and findings are quickly translated into solutions is therefore very important.

Perium eventually came to Hacksclusive as a pentest partner. Arjan and Jasper had two reasons for this:

  • Hacksclusive has a good track record. Martijn Baalman is an internationally renowned pentester with a strong reputation. 

  • Communication for Perium was particularly important. It was possible for Hacksclusive to communicate instantly with Perium and their soft devs. No fluffy reports - just straight to the point with interim findings.


Online environment instead of fuzzy PDFs

What particularly appeals to Perium about Hacksclusive's approach is the use of an online environment. The dashboard explains precisely what has been tested and what the findings are. A chat function enables immediate communication between the client and the ethical hacker who performs the pentests. This contrasts with many companies where you only receive a full report after a number of weeks have already passed.

The added value of Hacksclusive for Perium was primarily a result of the speed of the process. "I don't want to wait two weeks for a report if a critical error has been found - I want to know immediately, so that we can act on it quickly."

“The biggest compliment I can give to Hacksclusive is that I can't think of anything they could do better'.

Arjan Kremer, Founder Perium
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No red flags

“There were certainly some surprising results from the pentests, otherwise we would have been able to find and fix it ourselves in advance,” says Arjan. “It is especially important that at the start of the pentest process we discussed what requirements our platform must meet, a list of security specifications based on the OAS (openAPI Specification) and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). If a finding is non-critical, then it is not an immediate priority. Fortunately, there were few red flags from the test, a nice confirmation that we are on the right track.”

"Pentesting has yielded many benefits for Perium. We can now present ourselves as being even more secure. We have a platform that makes the world a bit safer, so you must set a good example yourself. We do that with our ISO27001 certification and now also with pentesting".

Not 'done' after first results

Arjan is aware that pentesting is an ongoing process. "You're not done after you've received the results. We act on any findings that have been found and these must be retested by Hacksclusive. In addition, we must continue to test and validate, and continue doing this with every software update". If it's up to Arjan, there will be a role for Hacksclusive in this ongoing pentest proces.

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