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NIS2 Checklist - 21 measures and tips for NIS2

Download the 21 NIS2 measures

What can you expect from the NIS2 checklist?

Are you looking for clear and practical information to help your organization comply with the NIS2 directive? We've compiled a comprehensive checklist that guides you step by step through the requirements. This guide includes clear tips, 21 measures you can take, and references to useful resources. Whether you're a cybersecurity expert or just starting your compliance journey, this checklist is an essential tool. Request our NIS2 checklist now and take the first step towards a safer and more resilient organization. 

Guide to NIS2 compliance

The NIS2 checklist serves as a comprehensive guide that leads you step by step through the requirements of the NIS2 directive. This is a legal obligation for many organizations. Non-compliance can have significant legal and financial consequences.

Strengthening cybersecurity

By following the checklist, you can strengthen your organization's cybersecurity and improve your resilience against cyber attacks and data breaches. This can not only help prevent costly incidents but also enhance your organization's reputation and trust with customers and partners.

Practical tips and recommendations

The checklist is carefully curated and contains practical tips and recommendations that you can apply directly in your organization. These recommendations are based on best practices and current insights in cybersecurity, providing you access to valuable knowledge and expertise.

Access to valuable information and expertise

By downloading the checklist, you gain access to a valuable source of information and expertise in the field of cybersecurity and compliance. This knowledge can be crucial for anticipating and navigating future challenges in this area and can play a significant role in maintaining your organization's competitive position in an increasingly digitized and interconnected world.

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Download the NIS2 checklist

If you want to check to what extent you have implemented the NIS2 in your organization, download our checklist with 21 measures, tips, and explanations. Leave your details, and we will send the checklist to your mailbox.

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