How we work

Hacksclusive helps your company to 'shift left'. Shift-left security testing is an approach to security testing in which testing is performed earlier in the development lifecycle (i.e. moved left on the project timeline). The Hacksclusive platform helps you to test earlier and more often. Shift-left security testing results in more secure software. This means:

  • Less vulnerabilities

  • Earlier detection of vulnerabilities

  • Faster fixing of vulnerabilities


Our approach focusses

process integration
Baseline assessment

Hacksclusive preferably starts a partnership with you with a baseline security assessment. We will map the relevant assets, attack surface, threats and vulnerabilities.

White box testing

Ideally, Hacksclusive, before the security assessment, receives as much information as possible about the assets defined in the scope. Think of the network design and source code.


Hacksclusive uses industry standards for testing. Like the Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), Mobile Applications Verification Standard (MAVS) and IoT Security Verification Standard (ISVS).


Hacksclusive uses commonly used tools for security testing like Nmap, Nessus, BurpSuite, SQLmap, WireShark, ZAP and so on. We automate whenever possible, yet 'hands-on' testing is still at our heart.

Knowledge transfer

An essential part of the approach of Hacksclusive is (continuous and proactive) knowledge transfer. This enables you to 'shift left': integrate automated testing in your development workflow.


After the baseline test Hacksclusive, in consultation with you, can figure out how security testing (step-by-step) can be integrated into the development workflow. Small and frequent (re-)test iterations are scheduled.